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New Update released!
The new TibiaME Update has been released today. It continues the revamp of Banuna and contains the second part of the main questline.

Depending on whom you gave the golden banana, you can now go back to Hurtz or Kurtz and continue on the path of creation to retrieve the banner of the three.

Prepare yourself for an exciting story of treachery and deceit, that will take you through new and redesigned areas to face challenging riddles and dangerous enemies. Do you have the muscles and the brain necessary to prevail and finally reach the chamber of creation? Well, give it a try!

While following the main questline you will also discover the rest of the covering armour set and get the chance to unlock some new achievements. So what are you waiting for? Sail to Banuna and continue your quest to secure the banner that is needed for the final great battle.

Have fun.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2016-01-19