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Winterfeast Event 2014
From December 22nd until January 11th the Winterfeast will be celebrated in TibiaME. Work together to earn a 10% EP Bonus for every monster killed and uncover the secret contents of the Winterfeast gifts!

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Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-12-10

Stamina Calculator
Little stamina calculator been added:

As suggested: "You choose what time character was off and with what stamina.. then calculator say at what time stamina will be full"


Category: Site News
Date: 2014-12-08

Little Updates
-The islands in monsters' profiles are now clickable and will take you to a page with all monsters that been found on the clicked island.
-Little calculator added to players' profile to tell you how much exp needed to the specified level you add. As suggested: "Say you are at lvl 94 56% and want to know how many EP left for lvl 100"


Category: Site News
Date: 2014-12-07

Info Updated
Weapons, armours, spells, monsters, monster bosses and boss battles been updated.

Category: Site News
Date: 2014-12-05

Autumn Update 2014 Adjustments
With the next server save we will make some small adjustments to Erebos world quest and the Mutabor boss battle.

Erebos Worldquest
We will increase the duration of the dark blood stain on the rocks and raised the probability for the creation of black blood ore.
In addition we reduced the initial upkeep for the first barrier and lowered the raise of the upkeep.
This should make it easier to keep the barrier open.

Mutabor Timeout
We raised the timeout for Mutabors last battle phase to 20 minutes. This should make it able for players to win the battle without mak... See more»

Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-12-04

Upcoming downtime
Due to some maintenance work, all gameworlds will be offline on Thursday (04.12.2014) from 10:00 to 13:00 CEST approximately. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-12-03

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