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World 22
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Be Creative Contest

So while the past days we been a bit busy with real-life stuff that made our updates is too little, I mean really it was nothing, and many of you being asking and asking and asking for a contest, so here we are!
Its time to give away to you lucky ppl! This time we felt like it was time you actually earned your entry.

So what this contest is all about you might ask, well its simply an open contest, you can submit a drawing you made, a video you created, or even a s... See more»

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Category: Site News
Date: 2014-09-24

Last part of the Summerfeast
The blessing of Sunna the worlds received when they defeated the necessary number of locust swarms to save the harvest, will be active throughout the weekend.

From today on it is possible for players to do the final two singleplayer quests and play a vital role in rescuing the summerfeast. After finishing these two quests a player can participate in the last worldquest that starts on Monday.
After server save the rays of Sunna will animate trees on the islands Aurea, Ashmor, St. Nivalis, Yabutu, Banuna, Fabulara, Starrfish Island Solahmar and Treasure Island. These Anitree are shy an... See more»

Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-08-29

Summer Summerfeast 2014 [More Info]
As you surely have noticed there were some problems with the balancing of the Summerfeast preparations. Even after a rebalancing not many worlds met the requested numbers.
But Sunna looked at all the worlds and was moved by their efforts to please her. She decided to let her grace shine on all worlds. So since today all words that did not met the requirements on the first attempt were awarded a lesser version of Sunnas blessing and receive 5% experience when killing monsters. Also these worlds will allow to continue the Summerfeast. This means they can get the next 2 Quests in the single-pl... See more»

Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-08-22

Summerfeast 2014 [Sunnas Blessing]

Sunnas Blessing
After looking at the progress of the worlds during the summerfeast preparations, Sunna has decided to lower the necessary thresholds for receiving her blessing.

With tonight's server save the preparation period will end and the new thresholds wi... See more»

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Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-08-19

Summerfeast 2014 [Info]

Here is some more information on the first phase of the Summerfeast.

As you surely have noticed, several new npcs have arrived in the world of TibiaME. Talk to Sunkiest in Aurea to get started with your quest to help with the Summerfeast.

After doing the quests he tasks you with, y... See more»

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Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-08-14

Teaser: Summerfeast 2014
It is the time of the year when the priests of the sun praise the live giving powers of their goddess Sunna, show gratefulness for the gifts that flourish under her benevolent face and pray for the blessing of the goddess.

But something is wrong. Mishaps endanger the course of the event and the Summerfeast is on the brink of failing. Is this all just bad luck or is some sinister force behind what is happening?

Can you help the priesthood in preventing a failing of the Summerfeast? Are you able to discover the truth behind this strange mishaps? And will you participate in bringin... See more»

Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-08-06

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